Мы поддерживаем бывших узников национал-социализма

“Assistance to War Prisoners Continues” project

In order to provide medical, social and household assistance to former Soviet war prisoners, as well as a sign of respect for people who suffered from Nazism, from February 2012 to September 2013 the humanitarian project “Assistance to War Prisoners Continues” was realized with financial support of the KONTAKTE-КОНТАКТЫ Association of Contacts with the Countries of the Former Soviet Union (Germany).

The project provided for the provision of various types of medical and social assistance to former Soviet war prisoners, living mainly in Vitebsk, Grodno, Gomel and Brest region:

  • Payment for surgery (for example, prosthetics of teeth, joints, replacement of the lens of the eye);
  • Purchase of medicines;
  • Provision of hygiene and care products (for example, diapers, absorbent diapers), medical items and devices (for example, wheelchairs, anti-decubitus systems, walkers, walking sticks, tonometers, inhalers, hearing aids);
  • Delivery services of ex war prisoners to medical and social institutions;
  • Repair of housing and outbuildings;
  • Repair of household appliances, plumbing (in cases of inappropriate repair – purchase of new household appliances);
  • Purchase and delivery of fuel.
    This was the second project that IPA “Mutual Understanding” carried out in cooperation with the KONTAKTE-КОНТАКТЫ Association. For the first time, a similar project was implemented in 2009-2010 in Minsk and Mogilev regions for 72 former war prisoners, who received medical, social, household and financial assistance.

    The target group of the project included soldiers, officers and medical personnel of the Soviet Army, who were captured by Germany during the hostilities on the fronts of WWII and had at their disposal documents confirming this fact.