Мы поддерживаем бывших узников национал-социализма

“WWII Generation Preventive Support” Action

In June 2020 (durinng the COVID-19 pandemic), the IPA “Mutual Understanding” held a “WWII Generation Preventive Support” action. This action was carried out in the epidemic conditions and with the lack of personal protective equipment.

Through sponsorship donations, 29 organizations working with the elderly received 1,060 liters of liquid antiseptic, 7,000 pairs of medical gloves, 10,300 masks and 1,320 respirators. The total amount of support was $ 10,000.

The protection equipments were for social workers, doctors and volunteers, who during the COVID pandemic supported people of WWII generation. For example, “Elderly and disabled Orsha nursing home” received a batch of 380 masks, 225 pairs of gloves, 35 liters of liquid antiseptic.

NGO “The Third sector” from Grodno received 100 masks, 50 pairs of gloves and 10 liters of liquid antiseptic.

“Polotsk” received 300 masks, 200 pairs of gloves and 35 liters of liquid antiseptic.

“Miloserdije i zdorovje. Brest” organization received 150 masks, 100 pairs of gloves and 15 liters of liquid antiseptic.

“Babinichy psycho-neurological nursing home for the elderly and disabled persons” from Vitebsk region received a batch of 400 masks, 225 pairs of gloves and 35 liters of liquid antiseptic.

In addition, thanks to support of German federal Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”, Barysov social service Center also received assistance of 800 masks and 2 500 pairs of gloves.