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Claims Conference Payments

International Public Association “Mutual Understanding” (MOOV) coordinates payments from the funds of Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) in Belarus. These payments are for Jews – victims of the Holocaust and are carried out under the following Foundations and programs:

  • Payments from the Central and Eastern Europe Foundation (CEEF) are intended for people who survived the Holocaust who currently live in the countries of the former socialist bloc of Eastern Europe and the former USSR;
  • Payments from the Child Survivor Fund provides a one-time payment for Holocaust survivors as a child;
  • The Ghetto Rent Fund (BADV) was established in recognition of Holocaust victims who performed work “not under compulsion” during their internment in the ghetto under the Nazis;
  • Payments to the Nazism Victims suffered in Romania;
  • Payments from the Hardship Fund are intended for those Jews who were forced to evacuate, and were not on the occupied territory during the Second World War;
  • In January 2020, the Claims Conference launched the Foundation for the spouses of Holocaust survivors.

    Employees of MOOV not only coordinate the process of these payments in Belarus, but also assist in the preparation of the necessary documents for their receipt. Due to the fact that this project is aimed at people from local Jewish communities and organizations, the employees of MOOV got involved in Jewish culture, holidays and traditions.