Мы поддерживаем бывших узников национал-социализма

“Treffpunkt: Dialog” program

The program of the German Federal Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility And Future” (EVZ) exists since 2009 and is aimed at Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian organizations, which improve the life quality of people affected by National Socialism. The aim is to ensure that the life achievements of these older people are appreciated.

The foundation annually allocates 1.2 million euro for the program. These funds should stimulate the local social systems potential and create sustainable structures to support victims of National Socialism.

The target group of the program are people who suffered from National Socialism: former prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps, forced laborers, Soviet prisoners of war and others.

The Foundation supports projects that offer social, educational or other assistance, as well as events organization to share experience or preserve the memory of the National Socialism victims. Participation of people of different generations is encouraged in projects.

You can read about the projects that were supported by EVZ Foundation within the framework of “Treffpunkt: Dialog” program HERE.